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Selasa, 8 Mac 2011

Makeup is A MUST!....heheh

Some says natural beauty is the best...but do you all know look natural you still need makeup....So actually MAKEUP IS A MUST...don't believe me? scroll below pics....

The Hot Bollywood Movie Star

natural look beauty babe...Rani Mukherjee

this is Rani without Makeup.

How about the hot Actress of Hollywood....

Gorgeous stunning JLO ..look natural

but how about this?..

this is beyond natural...hehehe

and one of the hottest actress in Malaysia

Rozita Che Wan look best in minimal makeup

totaly no makeup...

Guys wanna look best too in their natural look...

David Beckham in his best natural look

DB...errrr???? what happened?

below is my dashing gorgeous handsome boy friend..
Anuar Zain..... that you??

and finally..believe it or not...but got to believe..this source is from my friends who send me this pics thru email...heheh. he also wanna look his best bebeh!

 a ah..believe it ok...


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