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Some of AnnaSha Makeup Profile and Pictures

Makeup underwater by AnnaSha

- Makeup Dr Ezani Master Cheff Malaysia pertama.
- Makeup for telemovie "Sumpah" and "27"
- Corporate Makeup for Puspakom with Anna Cherrie
-  Annasha appearing live in Wanita Hari Ini TV3 for makeup segment "Wanita Kulit Sawo Matang" on 8th June 2011.
- Makeup Trainers at College Comunity Klang
-Seminar on Beauty and Grooming for Puspanita LGM
- Corporate Makeup for Website Photoshoot for KLCC Directors and Managers
- Corporate Makeup Profile for KL Convention Centre for MDs (Oversea Rep, Australia/New Zealand and UK/Europe) and Deputy GM - March 2011
- Makeup for One Drop Perfume TV Commercial, Malaysia
- Makeup for Coach Bus TV Commercial, Singapore
- Makeup for Oddysess Bus for Brochure and Advertisement, Malaysia
- Makeup for Cooking Show with Atul Kochar, BBC TV London
- Makeup for Mentor Final 2010, TV3 Malaysia
- Makeup for Hari Raya program, 'Geng Aizat', Astro Ria 2010, Malaysia
- Makeup for Akademi Al-Quran Final, TV9 Malaysia
- Makeup for Harian Metro for World Cup Fever 2010 (artist ; Eira Syazira, Fizo and Farish)
- Makeup for Citra Wanita in Pancaindera Mingguan Malaysia
- Makeup for Suksess Magazine in Gadis Suksess slot
- Makeup for Profile Artist Marsha Milan Londoh
- Makeup for Profile Celebrity Deejay Era - Feeya Iskandar
- Organiser for Beautiful by AnnaSha 2010 Cover Girl Contest.
-Event Organiser, Makeup and Wardrobe Consultant for Lagenda Mahsuri Photoshoot at Taman Bukit Cerakah - Feb2010

- Makeup for Bridal, Annual Dinner, VIP, Official Function, photoshoot and Editorial
- Founder of Talent Management Beautiful by AnnaSha and
  Beautiful by AnnaSha Resources ;SA0178064-W

Artist : Nazeeera Sardi
photo by : Wan Zuraidi Images

Artist : Nazeeera Sardi
photo by : Wan Zuraidi Images

Juliana Zakaria

Alise Ismail

Zahnita Wilson

Photo by AnnaSha
Artist : Alise Ismail

Photo by Deyn Ahmad
Model Julianna Pais

Photo by Ashikin Abdullah
model : Evon T

Photo by Chan Kok Leong
Model : Leeya Deen

Model : Evon Tan

Bridal makeup
Brides : Jehan

Profile pic for celebrity
Deejay Era - Feeya Iskandar
Photo by Umar Ruslan

Natural engagement Makeup
Client : Azhani Manaf

Model Vic Anne

Photo : Adhadi Mohd
Model: Zully Azizan

Model Dollie Dablin

Photo Adhadi Mohd
Model Vic Anne